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It’s has been a nerve wracking time at the Ladbrokes head office on Rayners Lane in Harrow recently.

With uncertainties around the multibillion-pound Gala Coral merger and tough negotiations on how many shops the combined group will have to grudgingly sell to their competitors, what better way to keep you going than a big fat share reward bonus.  That’s ¾ million shares for the CEO and over half a million between his trusty lieutenants.  

You can imagine the shock as the shares landed on CEO Jim Mullen’s desk accompanied by a copy of the Daily Mirror article declaring, Ladbrokes staff raped and killed as firm saves millions of pounds by forcing staff to work alone.

Former Ladbrokes head of health and safety, Bill Bennett, who the Mirror revealed has turned whistleblower following incidents of rape and murder, alleged: “Ladbrokes chose to prioritise profit over the health and safety of its employees.” After being rocked two years ago with claims by a former Security Manager that incidents of criminality and children gambling had been covered up and of money laundering investigations carried out by the Police and regulator, Mr Mullen must have felt he has earned his bonus reward. Then along comes another whistle blower with more revelations.

This latest iceberg to hit the Ladbrokes ship, which insiders tell us is just the tip, has forced the ex-News International Director to try and trash his former employee’s reputation saying that after 27 years’ service he was being dismissed owing to a lack of confidence in his ability to fulfill his role.

As this latest iceberg continues to shred Ladbrokes reputation, Mr Mullen and his colleagues will be holding on to those shares very tightly indeed while his future colleagues at Coral look on with trepidation.

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