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Above are images which, as the Getty captions say, show Nicola Sturgeon on May 2 last year in Portree and Inverness on her helicopter tour campaigning for local candidates. You can tell that she is because it clearly says behind her “Vote Drew Hendry”. People were excited to see her turn up in a helicopter and it pulled in large numbers for the candidate’s election rally. She’s definitely campaigning for the local candidate’s election…

CyberNats are tweeting that this is fine by the Electoral Commisssion. The SNP press office promised us a statement from the Electoral Commission confirming this was the case – so far nothing seen. Here is what we got from the Electoral Commission when we inquired about the SNP’s Jock-‘Copter campaign:

“If the travel promotes both the local candidate and national policies, then a portion of the cost of that bus should be allocated towards the candidate’s spending limit and a portion towards the party’s national spending limit.”

Bang to rights, these pictures don’t lie…

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