Revealed: How Labour Became Overrun With Entryists

A leaked cache of Labour Compliance Unit data obtained by Guido sheds some light on how the party became susceptible to its recent anti-Semitism crisis. During last year’s leadership election Labour membership more or less doubled. Following reports of mass infiltration, Labour HQ set about rooting out entryists. Yet people were joining faster than they could be checked, meaning only a tiny sample – a few thousand – were looked at. The spreadsheet below shows some of the entryists who were caught and kicked out by HQ:

Eagle-eyed readers will spot the name Gerry Downing, who was excluded during the leadership election and then let back in on appeal. He was then suspended again after Guido revealed his rant about the “Jewish question”. 

Only a fraction of the new sign-ups were checked, and from those it was absolutely clear that the party had been infiltrated on an industrial scale. Huge numbers of former Green Party candidates, TUSC candidates, members of Left Unity, even Tories and ‘Kippers, had signed up. Yet this was clearly just the tip of the iceberg, many tens of thousands more had not been looked at. And those caught were mostly candidates – easy to find – how many harder to detect regular members of other parties were there? Sources estimate many thousands of entryists like those above have been allowed to remain in the party undetected…

This helps to explain Labour’s recent anti-Semitism crisis – an untold number of members with extreme views have not been looked at by the Compliance Unit. It also calls into question Jeremy Corbyn’s much-cited “mandate“. This is the new Labour Party, overrun with extremists on an unprecedented scale…

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