Cameron Willing to Risk World War 3 Over Migrant Benefit Changes mdi-fullscreen

In February, Dave told the Commons that Britain would be just fine post-Brexit. He said if he didn’t get minor changes to migrant benefits he would consider leaving:

“I will never argue that Britain couldn’t survive outside the European Union… Let me say again, if we can’t secure these changes, I rule nothing out.”

Today he tells us Brexit could mean World War 3:

“The serried rows of white headstones in lovingly tended Commonwealth war cemeteries stand as silent testament to the price this country has paid to help restore peace and order in Europe. Can we be so sure that peace and stability on our continent are assured beyond any shadow of doubt? Is that a risk worth taking? I would never be so rash as to make that assumption.”

If Cameron genuinely believes leaving risks war, why would he consider backing Brexit over some tiny changes to the benefit system? If the PM is telling the truth today, why would he have even offered this referendum? You can’t fool anyone with this tosh.

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