Even BBC and Channel 4 Say Osborne’s Figures Wrong


Fraser Nelson accuses Osborne of “deception” and “simply breathtaking dishonesty“, Andrew Lilico says the Treasury report is “irrelevant” and Allister Heath describes it as “shameful, undoubtedly the worst piece of research from a government department in years”. Even more damagingly for the Chancellor, that analysis is shared – albeit in more diplomatic language – by the broadcasters. The BBC’s Reality Check is scathing:

“it is very difficult to predict anything in 15 years… it is a bit odd that the Treasury has used ONS forecasts for what will happen to population by 2030, without considering what difference leaving the EU would make… The precise figure [households £4,300 worse off] is questionable and probably not particularly helpful”

Channel 4’s respected FactCheck blog goes further:

“It’s not quite right to say that Brexit “will cost each family £4,300”, since the actual impact on household incomes from a fall in GDP would almost certainly be lower… The Treasury paper offers a pessimistic view of what might happen to Britain if we left the EU”

And that’s glowing coverage compared to the front pages

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