Khan Declines Opportunity to Condemn Gani

Given the opportunity by HuffPo to condemn the views of Suliman Gani, who reckons women are “subservient” and condemns homosexuality, Sadiq Khan instead said this:

“You won’t be surprised to hear I don’t spend my life looking at what Guido Fawkes might be saying. When I first stood for Parliament in 2005 there were extremists outside the mosque I had prayed in all my life saying that voting was haram, anybody who took part in my election was going to hell and I was definitely going to hell because I was taking part in what was called man-made law. I voted for same-sex marriage – that very imam that Guido Fawkes claims is close to me said horrible things about me, publicly, and I was condemned in no uncertain terms by him and others… I will be the British Muslim who takes the fight to the extremists.”

Once again, Khan is dodging the question. This isn’t about Guido, or what Gani has said about Khan more recently, it is about their relationship in the past – which for some reason he still refuses to address. Remember Khan didn’t tell the truth about sharing a platform with Gani – something which reportedly happened one nine separate occasions. Now he is suggesting he wasn’t “close” to his own former imam, which seems a stretch. No one is suggesting Khan shares any of these unsavoury views, this is a very simple question about his judgment. One he still won’t answer…

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