Labour Tell “Jews” Slur Activist He Can Rejoin in Two Years

Scott Nelson is a notorious former Labour activist who was banned from the party last year for a string of tweets about the “Jewish connections” and “Jewish blood” of Tesco and Marks & Spencer. You’d thought such comments would mean he has no chance of being welcomed back into the Labour Party. John McDonnell has said members with anti-Semitic views should be given lifetime bans. Guess what…

Guido has got hold of the Labour compliance unit letter to Nelson informing him his membership had been rejected. Yet despite the unequivocal nature of his tweets, referring to “Jewish connections” and “Jewish blood”, Labour say they will “consider a further application” from Nelson to re-join the party in two years:

Labour’s policy seems to be to publicly kick these people out then quietly let them back in when no one is looking. That’s what they did with Vicki Kirby and Beinazir Lasharie, and they are giving that option to Scott Nelson, who says: “I can rejoin Labour next year but right now have no plans to”Why won’t they ban anti-Semites for life?

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