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It’s finally happened: Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell have been exposed as sellouts by the ultra-hard left. Trots, Marxists and splitters over at the World Socialist Wesbsite have published a takedown accusing McDonnell of being a Thatcherite:

“McDonnell’s statements had more in common with the economic nostrums of Margaret Thatcher than even the thin gruel of mid-twentieth century Labour Party reformism.”

Corbyn is apparently a moderate sympathiser, who even allowed “Blairite warmongers” into the Shadow Cabinet:

“His statements on economic policy are in line with an unbroken chain of reversals by Corbyn of the pledges on which he was elected, carried out in the name of preserving “party unity”—that is, capitulating to the party’s right wing on all fundamental issues…Corbyn set the rightward course of his tenure immediately after his election by naming a shadow cabinet prominently featuring various Blairite warmongers, including Hilary Benn as his foreign secretary.”

Even worse, he let them vote freely, tacitly “supporting war”:

“Despite this backing, Corbyn authorised a free vote by Labour MPs, meaning they would not be censured or disciplined for supporting war. He did so knowing that a large contingent of Labour MPs would line up behind the Tory war resolution.”

Finally they expose Corbyn and McDonnell as secret agents, and “guardians of the interests of the British borgeoisie”:

“Corbyn and McDonnell are seeking to position Labour as trusted guardians of the interests of the British bourgeoisie should a general election be called. Their sole aim is to preserve social order, while carrying out the anti-working class policies required by the ruling elite, dressed up in the language of “equal sacrifice.””

The article finishes with a clarion call “to arm the emerging mass struggles of the working class with a revolutionary socialist and internationalist programme”Why don’t Corbyn and McDonnell just join the Tories?

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