Then & Now: Cameron “Paving the Road from Ankara to Brussels”

Turkish accession to the EU is becoming an issue in the referendum debate. Polling shows it deeply worries voters, which is why UKIP devoted an entire Party Political Broadcast to the subject. It has become a dangerous issue for the Remainers’ chief campaigner because Dave is on the record as supporting Turkey joining the EU. 

When the Prime Minister visited Turkey he gave a speech where he said: “This is something I feel very strongly, very passionately about… I want us to pave the road from Ankara to Brussels…”. He even drew a parallel between Turkey and Britain, initially prevented by France’s veto from joining the common market in 1973: “We know what it’s like to be shut out of the club. But we also know that these things can change.”

Turkey joining the club is not popular with the voters and no doubt his Euro-fanatic pollster Andrew Cooper has told him to change his tune for public consumption. With the referendum coming Cameron’s doner U-Turn, will voters believe it is for real?

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