Yvette’s Refugee Car Crash: Pledge to Foster Syrian Unfulfilled

Remember back during the Labour leadership contest when virtue-signalling Yvette Cooper said she would be prepared to take in a refugee? Nick Ferrari has reminded her of the unfulfilled pledge on LBC. Yvette’s Vicky Pollard-esque replies are painful.

Yvette Cooper: We’ve all got to do our bit to offer sanctuary…

Nick Ferrari: Have you offered sanctuary? Have you taken your refugee in yet?

YC: Well I think we should be offering sanctuary and…

NF: But have you taken yours yet?

YC: Yeah but, I don’t think, this isn’t about, because actually, the people I, we’ve said from the start, look, if people need homes then we should be offering them…

NF: Yes, but have you taken yours in yet?

YC: But, if you listen to what the government said, they said no, they don’t want people to take people into their homes…

NF: Have you taken yours yet, Yvette?

YC: No, and that’s what I’ve said, because the government has said…

NF: So you haven’t taken yours because of what the government has said?

YC: Yeah, the government’s said that’s not what we’re looking for.

NF: (Laughs) So because David Cameron says not to do it, you’re not doing it?

YC: Yeah, but, the government…

That’s the longest “no” Guido’s ever heard…

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