Satire is (Still) Dead

Chris Grayling and Labour MP Rupa Huq must be fun at parties:

“I think it’s very important that we make sure coverage of this House is used in an appropriate way. I’m not in favour of it being made available for use in satire programmes.”

So the barmy ban on British broadcasters using Commons footage for satire purposes is not to be overturned. Down in New Zealand they ditched their own anti-satire law, concluding that it made MPs “seem out of touch and weary of criticism”. You can see why Grayling is not on Twitter.

Sketch Round-Up

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Quote of the Day

In response to Dominic Grieve’s rumoured plans to request the Government hand over private communication about prorogation to Parliament, Cummings said:

“For a supposedly adequate lawyer who loves the ECHR, Grieve doesn’t seem to realise that his request for private messages is blatantly illegal and will be rejected by the Cabinet Office. We love the rule of law in No10.”


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