Tory Split: Latest Referendum Declarations

There was some intense “clarification” from Tory MPs who previously leant towards the Out side yesterday, meaning there are still 56 undeclared MPs on our spreadsheet. Guido is texting around to coax them off the fence. It is worth keeping an eye on the 2015 intakers who have yet to make an announcement. Many of them told their selection meetings they were Outers, never expecting that the Tories would win a majority and actually deliver a referendum…

The BBC, Sky, ITV, the Times and ConHome have now all produced their own tallies of Tory declarations, though all have a considerably higher number of “don’t knows” – because ours is crowd and campaign-sourced, live-updated and better-informed. Accept no imitations and view our spreadsheet here

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David Mundell tells The Times: “I expect Christmas to take place”


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