Revealed: Extremist Speakers at Oxford Labour Club’s “Apartheid Week”

Antisemitism at Oxford

The Oxford anti-Semitism row which prompted the resignation of the Labour Club chairman Alex Chalmers was sparked by their decision to support the 10 year anniversary of “Israeli Apartheid Week”. Shock horror, Guido can reveal that this week’s festivities and the previous annual “Apartheid Week” events hosted at Oxford have featured a host of anti-Semitic guest speakers with disturbing views. Here is a breakdown…

Omar Barghouti:

  • Has said that Jews were involved in carrying out the Holocaust: “There were Jews in every main position of power in Nazi Germany… There were Jewish guards at concentration camps.
  • Claims “racist, often sadistic” Israeli soldiers are meting out “punishment… to Palestinian civilians” in a manner “reminiscent of common Nazi practices against the Jews.”

Avi Shilam:

  • Blames Israel for anti-Semitic attacks on Jews: “It is this brand of cruel Zionism that is the real enemy of what remains of liberal Israel and of the Jews outside Israel. It is the enemy because it fuels the flames of virulent and sometimes violent anti-Semitism. Israel’s policies are the cause; hatred of Israel and anti-Semitism are the consequences.”

Haneen Zoabi:

  • Defended hate preacher convicted of fundraising for Hamas.
  • Promotes anti-Israel conspiracy theories: “Pro-Israel organisations in Britain and elsewhere are manipulating growing European Islamophobia to discredit us…The British authorities have fallen into an Israeli trap… The pro-Israeli lobby must not be allowed to determine politics in Britain.”
  • Outed as an anti-Semite by her own nephew.

Joseph Massad:

  • Wrote an article stressing the similarity between Zionism and Nazism. The article caused a significant uproar and was removed from Al Jazeera.

Support for hate preachers, anti-Jewish conspiracy theorists, activists who compare Jews to Nazis, and Israeli victim-blaming. Just a few speakers aligned to the Oxford Labour Club anti-Israel events this week…

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