McDonnell Tells Guido Why He’s Selling Out

Guido has had the chance to ask John McDonnell, a hardline Eurosceptic, why he is selling out on his principles and backing Remain. You can tell by the withering answer and look on his face that toeing the line pains him:

“I’m old enough to have voted in the last referendum, and I voted not to stay in… I’ve been somewhat anxious about the way Europe has gone since… I’ve been convinced of the need to Remain within, in terms of jobs and commitments, and also the internationalist approach that we have tried to develop as a party, in terms of working cooperatively with others across Europe and elsewhere in the globe. But I do see the need for a reform agenda, and that’s the good thing about the EU debate now: it will enable us to bring forward a reform agenda… I’m trying to be as honest as I can.”

The “honest” answer is that he believes we should Leave…

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