Grassroots Out Supporters Walk Out in Protest at Galloway

Galloway afterwards told Guido that Farage was the person who “convinced me” to join Grassroots Out, after an interview on Russia Today last week, and that he spoke to no one else in the organisation. Farage’s former chief aide Raheem Kassam joined around 100 Grassroots Out supporters who walked out in protest at Galloway. Financial backer Arron Banks also expressed disapproval. Yet Kate Hoey tells Guido “George is a coup” and says he has “huge reach into the Asian community”. Who saw that coming?

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Quote of the Day

Ed Davey on who he would like to see lead a government of national unity

“Yvette Cooper for obvious reasons, she’s been very high-profile in cross-party work, and I’ve also mentioned Hilary Benn as chair of the Brexit Select Committee. But it would not be for me here to make that suggestion, it would be for others working cross-party. I think it probably has to be a Labour MP because most of the MPs supporting a Queen’s Speech would be Labour. Ultimately it’s a challenge to my Labour colleagues, many of who realise a no-deal Brexit would be deeply damaging to their constituents.”


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