New “GO Movement” to Apply For Designation

Guido understands a new ‘umbrella’ group is being established to apply for the official Leave designation under the name “GO Movement”. Just in case you weren’t confused by the number of Leave campaigns already.

The group is being formed out of Grassroots Out, Leave.EU – neither of which will apply for the designation themselves – and smaller Eurosceptic organisations including Global Britain and the Democracy Movement. They will use the Grassroots Out logo with the word “Movement” added. Key backers include GO’s David Davis, Kate Hoey, Nigel Farage, the DUP’s Sammy Wilson and trade unions. Peter Bone, Tom Pursglove and David Campbell-Bannerman are also involved. It will be funded by Arron Banks and is bringing in professional spinners MIP, the PR firm run by former IDS aide Nick Wood. The “GO Movement” umbrella will supposedly allow affiliated groups to “remain sovereign” and run their own campaigns, while receiving funding from the main organisation if they win the designation. It will fight Vote Leave for the designation.

All eyes now on the Friday evening post-Cabinet GO event in Westminster, where speculation is mounting that a Cabinet minister will join the campaign…

UPDATE: A Vote Leave spokesman says “We wish this new campaign well and are willing to work with anyone who wishes to campaign to leave the EU.”


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