Open Minded Herbert’s Made His Mind Up


Nick Herbert, the MP who was once CEO of Business for Sterling the anti-€uro group, has now set up “Conservatives for Reform in Europe” and argues that Conservatives should wait and see what reforms David Cameron gets before making their mind up as to whether to back Leave or Remain. A fairly principled even handed position, Nick even goes so far as to say:

 “If we cannot secure the reforms Britain needs many of us would be prepared to leave – and our EU partners who must decide whether to agree these changes should know that.”
Fair enough, we will know what the PM has achieved for certain in a few weeks… 
Strange then that Conservatives for Reform in Europe (trading as Conservatives for the Future Limited) registered last week as a permitted participant with the Electoral Commission to campaign to ‘Remain a member of the European Union’. This hardly accords with his public statements and the group’s stated position that Tories should await the outcome of the Prime Minister’s renegotiations… 

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Quote of the Day

Julie Burchill on the bigotry of remainers…

They have felt free to indulge in the forbidden taste-thrill of bigotry for once in their self-censoring lives. The parasexual kick derived from hating the old and the working-class has energised a supine and smug ruling-class who have outed themselves as the true enemy within.”


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