EU Going To Pay For That?

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The Government plans to introduce a surcharge of £200 per year for Antipodeans living in the UK who wish to use the NHS. The move, which has angered New Zealand Premier John Key, would be a step towards changing the NHS from an international to a national health service. Guido can’t help but wonder if the Government is picking on a soft target in our commonwealth cousins…

EU and EEA citizens still have the right to free treatment through the National Health Service. That is despite the fact that British citizens living in a non-EU country would have to pay for any treatment received in the UK. In addition to this many British nationals have to take out insurance to access emergency healthcare in EU countries, for example in struggling Eurozone nations like Greece. This is without even getting into the allegations that EU citizens are charging the NHS for healthcare they receive in their own country. If only there was some kind of way we could vote to bring this EU nonsense to an end…

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Lewis Goodall opines

“Remainer readers may dislike Mr Farage – they may dislike his style, his rhetoric, his approach – but he cannot be faulted for his appreciation of strategy. If his opponents don’t up their game – and fast – he will beat them, just as he did before.”


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