Sunny Days Ahead For Scrapbook

This news will tickle readers as much as it amused Guido. Guess who is going to help run the part-time Labour attack blog Political Scrapbook? Kingston University’s “journalist in residence”, Sunny Hundal, is making a comeback to the blogosphere. A Scrapbook spokesman says:

“Political Scrapbook is expanding and Sunny has joined us as a contributing editor.  We will be bringing on more writers over the coming months as we grow our offer.”

Sunny will offer Scrapbook such stunning insights as Chris Huhne being innocent:

Hopefully this means the lazy socialists will manage more than a couple of posts a week…

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Quote of the Day

Rafael Behr writes…

“By 2012, the number of Brits with more or less active Twitter accounts had overtaken the number of people who regularly bought a newspaper.”


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