Crowdfunding “Brexit the Movie”

Martin Durkin, Guido’s favourite documentary producer, has a new film project: “Brexit The Movie”. Durkin is aiming to produce a powerful, polemic, Eurosceptic equivalent of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”. The film will strongly argue the case for Britain to leave the European Union and how this can be achieved, while also developing stronger cultural ties and trade links with both continental Europe and the rest of the world. The film is targeted for release in April – two months before the earliest possible EU referendum date in June – and distribution channels are expected to include theatrical exhibition, broadcast TV, DVD and the Internet. Brexit: The Movie is independent of the ‘Leave’ campaign groups. But this film can’t be made without funding – and that’s where the Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign comes in.

He’s already raised over £65,000 from individual donors, he is aiming to take the Kickstarter funding up to £100,000 and ideally up to £300,000 more. The crowdfunder runs for for just 30 days…

Back Brexit the Movie via Kickstarter.

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