Chinese Unimpressed With Danny


The Chinese have let it be known that they are unimpressed with Danny Alexander being the British nomination for their Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, a post-Bretton Woods multilateral agency that is another sign that the global economy is shifting East. The FT reports that the AIIB advertised for vice-president rank positions requiring candidates have a

 “minimum 20-25 years in a leadership function and position of influence in multilateral development bank(s) or equivalent”.

Danny of course was Chief Secretary to the Treasury for 5 years, a politician for a decade and prior to that a press officer for the Cairngorms National Park Authority. How this really qualifies Beaker for a board level position at a crucial multilateral investment bank escapes Guido and the unimpressed gerontocracy in Beijing. Everyone in SW1 sees it as a lucrative sinecure gifted from a grateful George Osborne that will open up other highly paid positions for Danny.  The AIIB has given him responsibility for “communications”. The German nominee – a career banker – has been given the chief operating officer role. Expect German industry to sell a lot of heavy plant equipment to Asia financed by the AIIB…  

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Quote of the Day

John McDonnell tells the Gallery/Lobby lunch what the priest told him to do…

‘He persuaded me to do this. He said you need to soften your image. So do Mumsnet and do this…. I’m trying to soften my image.’


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