Corbynistas Split Over “Leaks to Right-Wing Bloggers”

‘Red Labour’ is one of the many groups of far-left agitators which campaigned to elect Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader. It boasts some 30,000 followers and grandly describes itself as “undoubtedly one of the big untold success stories of political social media campaigns in Britain”. Like all true loony lefty activist groups, it has now split.

A statement on the Red Labour Facebook page makes claims of bullying and intimidation by some members:

“the secrecy and anonymity surrounding this tight-knit group led to a culture of bullying and intimidation on the part of an self-selected and unaccountable elite”

The statement claims Alliance for Workers’ Liberty entryists have betrayed the Dear Leader:

“Significant numbers of members of a tiny far-left cult called the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty were invited into the fold. The intention here is transparently obvious. From a pro-Corbyn, pro-Momentum stance, the group then began openly attacking Jeremy Corbyn’s policies and Momentum. Members of this group explicitly expressed that they wanted to replace Momentum as the “voice of the Corbynites” and sought to work subversively in this broad movement to orchestrate a split to bolster their own ranks.”

They make claims of financial irregularities:

“Certain individuals wasted no time in exploiting these lucrative opportunities – even going so far as to demand an annual salary of £50, 000 from trade unions to continue Red Labour’s work, as well as their other salary working within a Labour-related organisation. A nice little earner, you say?”

The long whinge continues:

“several documents were leaked to right-wing bloggers to smear a leading Labour left winger”

You can read Guido’s story about the Leninist Momentum fixer who wiped his social media amid bullying claims here.

So what next for Red Labour? They are setting up a new group, of course: “Welcome to Red Labour v 2.0.” The Judean People’s Front are becoming the People’s Front of Judea…

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Peter Mandelson tells Emma Barnett…

“I think that Jeremy Corbyn himself should search his conscience and ask himself whether he’s the best person to lead the Labour Party into the general election with the best chance of success for the party.”


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