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Last week Jeremy Corbyn’s Director of Policy Neale Coleman resigned amid furious rows with Seumas Milne and Andrew Fisher, who allegedly shouted at him: “You are finished in here”. All is not well in the leader’s office, and there are rumours that Head of Strategy Kat Fletcher is also particularly unhappy. So it makes sense that Corbyn is advertising for a new Head of Office and Integration, who will work under Chief of Staff Simon Fletcher and his deputy Anneliese Midgley. The advert, which went up this morning, seeks someone who can

“ensure that the teams in the office work effectively, efficiently and to have a joined up approach both of day to day running and the overall approach”

In other words, get everyone to stop sniping at each other.

The new role is also a liaison between the leader’s office and Labour HQ, which Guido is told are currently separated like never before. HQ staff complain Corbyn himself is rarely ever there, and that there is general distance and distrust between them the leader’s team. Corbyn’s new staffer will

“ensure that teams in the Leaders office and Head Office are working efficiently and effectively on the Leaders priorities and strategies… manage and coordinate arrangements as necessary between the Leader’s Office, Deputy Leader’s office and party managers in order to foster and maintain good communication between all teams… To ensure that the political priorities of the Leader are met by the teams in the Leader’s Office and Party Head office.”

The repeated allusion to making sure head office is working towards the “political priorities of the leader” is no coincidence. Jezza is offering £41,000 for one of the toughest jobs in Westminster…

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