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Once again the two main Leave campaigns are doing their laundry in public. Leave.EU’s Arron Banks has written to Vote Leave blaming their campaign director Dom Cummings for being “the only person standing in the way” of a merger.

“As I have said previously, the only person apparently standing in the way of a formal merger is Dominic Cummings. With his latest comments suggesting the Prime Minister use anything other than Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to initiate our withdrawal from the EU, he has become a liability and a danger to both Leave campaigns.

I have stressed before, the importance of having one united ‘Leave’ campaign as I believe it is counter-productive to the end goal that we are both deploying resources on grassroots activists and the media. 

I therefore extend my hand, again, for us to open up talks about how we can move forward as one unstoppable campaign devoted to securing a Leave vote and only a Leave vote in the one and only referendum we will have.”

Which is slightly odd considering Leave.EU reportedly offered Cummings a massive sum to jump over to them.

A Vote Leave spokesman says curtly: “There will be no merger.”

At the weekend the Leave side took a six point lead in the polls. Yet some Outers still seem more interested in arguing amongst themselves…

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Quote of the Day

John Mann says any Labour MPs with a leave voting constituency must back Boris Johnson’s deal, and

“I won’t be stabbing my constituents in the back by allowing a second referendum”


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