Thornberry Declared Another Leigh Day Donation-in-Kind Last Week


Emily Thornberry is unapologetic for accepting a £14,500 benefit-in-kind from the ambulance chasing law firm Leigh Day. Last Monday, the shameless Shadow Defence Secretary registered a second donation-in-kind from the firm which targets British soldiers, this time worth £4,800.

In 2012, the then Shadow Attorney General accepted a third donation-in-kind worth £19,125. That’s a total of £38,425 worth of donations from Leigh Day to Thornberry in the last four years.

Thornberry was grilled on the donations on the Sunday Politics, carefully explaining to Brillo that “there is no money to return”. She went on to tell how the disgraced firm, which is facing a disciplinary inquiry and the prospect of its lawyers being struck off, helped Labour be an “effective opposition”.

A lawyer’s answer from the former human rights barrister…

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