Cameron Gags EU Rebel Rebels

The PM has written to his ministers outlining a series of strict rules by which they will have to abide during the referendum. Eurosceptic ministers will be gagged from speaking out until the renegotiation is complete:

Once the renegotiation is complete, ministers will be allowed to back the Leave campaign but they will not be permitted to deviate from the government’s position on “all other EU or EU-related business”:

Outers are ordered not to air their views in Parliament. Oddly, Cameron suggests ministers wanting to Leave must have “long-standing and sincerely held views”.

The restrictions on SpAds say that Outers must advise their ministers “in their own time”:

Finally, Cameron orders his ministers to “treat each other with appropriate respect”:

This letter is going to go down like a cup of cold sick with Eurosceptic ministers…

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