New Shadow Europe Minister’s Links to British Influence

Corbyn supposedly used the reshuffle to mould the Shadow Cabinet in his image by appointing a unilateralist as Shadow Defence Secretary, to go with his vegan Shadow farming minister and commie City spokesmanYet he also quashed once and for all any lingering chance that the PLP might be dictated to from the leader’s office on Europe.

New Shadow Europe minister Pat Glass is as Europhile as they come. She founded the pro-EU PLP group and works closely with the Labour Yes campaign. Glass is also chair of the APPG on the European Union, the secretariat of which is British Influence, the pro-EU lobbying group backed by Peter Mandelson, Danny Alexander and Ken Clarke. We know where Jez’s heart is on the matter, he voted to stay out of the European Community in 1975 and holds the traditional Bennite view that the EU is a bosses’ and bankers’ union. A view on which he has sold out completely…

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