Alex Salmond Reads “Mean Tweets”

To herald Alex Salmond’s joining of the Iain Dale’s show on LBC (Wednesday afternoons starting next week) the station has released this video.

Salmond* plays to type…

*Salmond actually paid up on his bet with The Sun’s Trevor Kavanagh on oil prices – the former Oil Economist for RBS predicted the oil price would be above $50 at year end. It is trading around $36 a barrel – leaving a massive deficit in SNP fiscal figures for independence unless they cut spending by billions. You can see why RBS got into trouble…

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Quote of the Day

George Osborne reviews his career…

“After university, I tried and failed to get a job as a journalist — and so I became the Chancellor of the Exchequer instead. And when I tried and failed to stop Britain voting to leave the EU, I stopped being Chancellor and became a newspaper editor instead. I’d had enough of the fake news, the spin and fiddled expenses of politics. So I thought I’d try journalism instead.”


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