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All is not well in Momentum. Disgruntled members of the Corbynista campaign group have leaked a cache of embarrassing Facebook discussions, accusing fellow activists of “bullying and intimidation”. Max Shanly is an ally of Momentum chief Jon Lansman and is on the executive committee of the Labour youth wing. He calls himself an “unofficial agitator” for Corbyn and has been described to Guido as a “Leninist” and a “poundshop Mark Clarke”. Judging by these leaked messages, he lacks Clarke’s charm…

You can read all the messages here.

Shanly has previously called for Labour MPs who oppose Corbyn to be dealt with “brutally“:

“I think Jeremy will face problems not just inside the Parliamentary Labour Party, which I think is likely to split if he wins with the Blairites buggering off to form a new SDP, but also from the Labour Party bureaucracy. New Labourism is still a hegemonic force at Brewers Green (Labour Party HQ) and despite having resigned as leader eight years ago, Blair is still the piper who plays the tune many party staff listen to. The Labour left will have to act swiftly and I am afraid brutally in many cases. The PLP will have to be brought into line, some members of party staff will need to be pointed towards the exit”

Since the leak, Shanly has deleted his Twitter account and locked his Facebook page. Though it is clear where his political affinities lie:

Momentum members want to know what Lansman is going to do about Shanly, accusing him of “ignoring” the “bullying“. As Lenin said, “A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he is a scoundrel…”

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