Tab Seeks Global Domination


Younger readers will know of The Tab, the rowdy student news site that has successfully disrupted the old student media establishment. Guido has always thought it was a cracking good concept, so it’s welcome news that they’ve secured $3 million funding from venture capitalists Balderton Capital to expand in the US. A remarkable success story for what started off as Cambridge University’s online tabloid, funded by three kids out of their student loans, and now has 16 New York editors and 25 college sites in America. Guido will forgive them endorsing Labour in May as a rare lapse in their usually impeccable editorial judgement (NSFW)…

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Quote of the Day

Rafael Behr writes…

“By 2012, the number of Brits with more or less active Twitter accounts had overtaken the number of people who regularly bought a newspaper.”


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