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Stop the War have hit back this afternoon with a rambling statement arguing that ISIS actually aren’t that bad after all. The ten point riposte emphasises STW’s links with the Labour leaderĀ – “We, along with Jeremy Corbyn…”, “They did so following the lead of Jeremy Corbyn…” – before remarkably playing down the crimes of ISIS:

“We have always objected to the way that current wars are justified by reference to the Second World War. Bin Laden, Hussein, Gaddafi, Assad or ISIS are none of them Hitler. Hitler ruled one of the major military powers in the world and occupied most of Europe. Calls to fight fascism as a justification of these current wars might convince MPs with little grasp of history but they only serve to obscure the real situation.”

So Stop the War’s defence is that ISIS and Bin Laden are not as bad as Hitler and that any MP who thinks fighting ISIS is a “call to fight fascism” has “little grasp of history”. Caroline Lucas has distanced herself from these clowns, yet Corbyn remains their number one public cheerleader…

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