15 Times Stop the War Did Not “Call it Right”

Jeremy Corbyn has ignored pleas from Labour MPs and said he will attend the Stop the War Coalition’s Christmas fundraiser. His spokesman Seumas Milne tells HuffPo Stop the War have “organised the biggest demonstrations in British history and has repeatedly called it right over 14 years”. Well, have they? Guido brings you Stop the War’s greatest hits…

  • Praised the “internationalism and solidarity” of ISIS, comparing them to the International Brigades
  • Blamed the victims of the Paris attacks and said France were “reaping the whirlwind of western support for extremist violence”
  • Supported the Iraqi “struggle” against British troops “by any means necessary
  • Said they “stand with” Saddam Hussein
  • Blamed the Charlie Hebdo attacks on the West
  • Refused to give Syrians a platform on a debate about Syria
  • Defended Russia’s invasion of Georgia
  • Appeased supporters of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
  • Blamed the FIFA corruption scandal on an Israeli conspiracy
  • Opposed action to save the Yazidis stranded on a mountain surrounded by ISIS
  • Genuine headline on website said it is “time to go to war with Israel”

This is not an exhaustive list…

H/T James Bloodworth, Harry’s Place

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