Labour MPs Threatened With Deselection Ahead of Syria Vote


Pro-intervention Labour MPs are up in arms after being targeted by co-ordinated threats of deselection if they vote to bomb ISIS in Syria. They are investigating who is behind the following email, which was sent to dozens of Labour MPs last night, to see if it is part of an orchestrated campaign by Stop the War or Momentum:

“Six months after the Vote on bombing Syria the Labour Party Members will lobby in the Constituency Labour Parties to move a vote of no confidence at constituencies meetings in those Labour Party MPs who vote to bomb Syria. If the Vote of no confidence is carried the MPs can then limp on until their selection at the next General Election when they will be deselected. During the 4 year period in the run up to the next general election the whole country will now [sic] of the no confidence in the MPs from their Labour Party constituencies. That is the least the Labour Party members will do to try to wash the blood from their hands of the innocent civilians which the bombs will surely kill.”

As Guido revealed in the Sun on Sunday, four of the MPs most under threat are Stella Creasy, Chuka, David Lammy and Wes Streeting. Stella had a demo outside her constituency office last night:

According to Caroline Criado Perez they then moved on Chavista-style to intimidate her by protesting outside her home:


Asked of the consequences for Labour MPs who vote for war, Jeremy Corbyn last night told Jon Snow that it wasn’t up to him to decide who Labour’s candidates would be in 2020, and that “any selection, reselection or deselection is at least three years away”. A handy way of warning pro-bombing MPs that deselection is on the table…

UPDATE: Even Diane Abbott says the Stella protest was a step too far:

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