Confirmed: Corbyn Gives Labour MPs Free Vote on Syria


Corbyn has brought his party back from the brink and given them a free vote on bombing ISIS in Syria. Guido understands Corbyn did a ring around this morning trying to get vote delayed. HuffPo say he wants it to take place on Thursday instead of Wednesday. Thursday will be quite a day for the Labour Party…

UPDATE: Confirmation that Corbyn is calling for a two day debate, with a vote on Thursday. The night of the Oldham by-election…

UPDATE II: Corbyn’s spokesman says:

“Today’s Shadow Cabinet agreed to back Jeremy Corbyn’s recommendation of a free vote on the Government’s proposal to authorise UK bombing in Syria. The Shadow Cabinet decided to support the call for David Cameron to step back from the rush to war and hold a full two day debate in the House of Commons on such a crucial national decision.”

So apparently a free vote was Corbyn’s idea all along. Of course it was…

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Quote of the Day

George Freeman on Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit Position:

“The Leader of the Opposition’s Position is crystal clear – he’s for Leave up north and Remain down south.”


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