Hacked Off Corbynista Lands £61,000 Job at Labour HQ

The Corbynista takeover of Labour HQ continues. Ben Soffa, the man who ran the digital side of Corbyn’s leadership campaign, has been appointed Labour’s new Head of Digital. When the job was advertised last month potential applicants were offered a bumper salary of £61,419.83 plus an annual fixed sum allowance of £2,287. Soffa’s previous job was doing comms for the militant TSSA union, before that he was a press officer for the CND, did online campaigns for Hacked Off and was the secretary of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Is there any group of wrong ‘uns he hasn’t worked for?

He is also the partner of newly elected Labour MP Cat Smith, who herself used to work for Corbyn. More jobs for the boys, keeping it in the family…

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