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UKIP certainly ain’t holding back with their response to Prince Charles boring on about terrorism being caused by climate change. This is the statement put out by their spokesman tonight, describing the future king as “frankly ludicrous“:

“Prince Charles will likely fly once again by private jet to Paris and be picked up by a convoy of gas guzzling motorcars in order to preach about cutting carbon emissions. At the start of this year he and Camilla were hosted by the Saudi Royal Family to use his special relationship with the monarchy to promote British interests. Perhaps he will use those connections to encourage the oil rich Gulf states to help tackle the threat from Islamic extremism and play their part in helping refugees in the region. Links between terror cells in Saudi Arabia and Islamic State are well established, and it is documented that a vast amount of funding for extremism is also coming from inside Saudi Arabia. Rather than make frankly ludicrous comments about climate change leading to Middle Eastern conflict, he actually has the right connections to say and do something useful.”

They gotta point…

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