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Around 1,000 people watched Nigel Farage’s Basingstoke speech on the Paris attacks last night, which was punchy even for him. The UKIP leader wasted no time in immediately declaring to rapturous applause:

“there is a problem with some of the Muslim community in this country… We have a fifth column that we have welcomed in…”

Farage then mocked Cameron’s demands for EU reform as reminiscent of Chamberlain’s Munich Agreement, going as far as to wave a piece of paper around. Yesterday Guido noted how Nigel had a point when he predicted ISIS would pose as refugees, last night he went further:

“The warnings were pretty clear… ISIS said they would use the migrant tide to flood the EU with half a million jihadists… I would suggest 5000 is too many… 500 is too many… it only took eight to cause that destruction in Paris the other night… This dream of the free movement of people, this dream for others of the Schengen area. It hasn’t just meant the free movement of people, it has meant the free movement of Kalashnikov rifles. It has meant the free movement of terrorists, and it has meant the free movement of jihadists.”

Guido was rather surprised when he went to the bar for a post-speech pint with a co-conspirator, only to be told UKIP had requested they didn’t serve alcohol…

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