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Guido can reveal how the protesters got into the CBI conference to heckle the PM today. Vote Leave helped them set up a company called Lyon Sheppard Web Solutions Ltd so the two young placard holders could gain accreditation. This is the website they used, which cheekily quotes Steve Jobs on “rebels” and “those who speak truth to power“:

The Lyon Sheppard fake mission statement is full of hints, including Vote Leave’s “take control” slogan:

“We embrace the change, always looking forward and not hoodwinked by out-of-date solutions. We believe the future is worth shouting about. Our experts are constantly engaged. Aware of new developments in America, China, Brazil and India, and dedicated to bringing opportunities to you. We live in an ever-increasingly globally-interlinked community. We live the change. Take control of your future, the Lyon Sheppard way.”

They continue:

“Older firms are cumbersome, tied to their systems and unable to react to changing circumstances. You expect better: to be lightweight; interconnected; responsive; mobile; global. Our solutions allow you to save money, so you can invest in things that really matter. You need a better system – a solution fit for the modern world. You need to take control.”

More hints:

“A firm of young people, based in London, we are committed to constantly learning about how the web is developing, and making sure that your business is already ahead of the curve. We live the change.

We have a proud, independent history. After a chance meeting, at a web-conference in Rome, our two founders agreed that new solutions were needed to today’s problems. The established firms weren’t willing to embrace the change, committed to solutions that we knew wouldn’t work. We thought customers deserved a better voice. A voice that would stand up to the Establishment and would be willing to look at new web solutions. A voice that would help consumers take control.”

See what they did there?

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