Seumas Milne’s Security Snag

Jeremy Corbyn’s new spin doctor has been spotted several times over the last few days wearing a visitors’ paper pass around his neck in parliament. Seumas Milne doesn’t have a journalists’ pass through his job at the Guardian, and it seems he has yet to be given an aide’s parliamentary pass by the authorities. Surely nothing to do with the strict security rules requiring anyone applying for a pass to answer the following questions:

  • Have you ever been involved in espionage?
  • Terrorism?
  • Sabotage?
  • Actions intended to overthrow or undermine parliamentary democracy by political, industrial or violent means?
  • Have you ever been a member of, or supported a group or groups involved in any of the above activities?
  • Have you ever had a close association with anyone who, to your knowledge, has been a member of or given active support to any such group or activities?

These questions will be pretty tough for Seamus to answer…

Tip offs: 0709 284 0531

Quote of the Day

Penny Mordaunt on leadership…

‘The leadership required at this moment doesn’t reside in a single person, but in all of us.’


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