Ex-Minister Tom Harris Says “Goodbye” to Labour

Former minister Tom Harris has said “goodbye” to Labour, writing that the decision to consult with Stop the War has caused him to “give up” on his party. He says in a statement to his Facebook friends: “That’s it for me”.

“Shadow Minister Catherine West says she’ll consult “Stop the War” in the event of a vote on military action in Syria.

Jesus. Where to start?

You’ll be familiar with the phrase “Jump the Shark”; it’s when a TV series is widely acknowledged to have become so unbelievable that it’s obviously lost the plot. It derives from an episode of “Happy Days”, when Fonzie literally jumps a shark filled tank on his motorbike. Apparently.

So anyway, after 60 per cent votes for sure fire election losers, IRA-supporting Shadow Chancellors and Scottish Labour unnecessarily splitting the party on issues over which it has no responsibility, we have a Shadow Minister telling “Stop the War” – a madcap coalition of trots, Islamists and anti-west fury chimps – that Labour will consult them on how it will vote on Syria.

So that’s it. Labour has jumped the shark. It has gone from “a bit bonkers” to “irredeemable” in the space of a single day.

And I give up. That’s it for me. Giving. Up.


Watch the comments from Labour MP Catherine West here

UPDATE: Harris tells Kevin Schofield: “not leaving the party – yet”. Clearly he was over-tired when he posted the statement on Facebook at 11pm last night…

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