Inside Dave’s New Club

Guido’s Sun on Sunday scoop about Dave joining a swanky new Mayfair private members’ club is followed up in this morning’s papers. Described in Vanity Fair as “the most exclusive club in London”, Mark’s Club recently culled its membership to maintain its “global A-list” clientele of billionaires, celebs and royalty. According to Zagat“If you ask how much it costs, you can’t afford to eat here”. Guido prefers Gwyneth Paltrow’s review…

Gwyneth enjoyed the baked stuffed lobster and described the “venerable eating establishment” as “wonderful“. It should be for over £100-a-head.

Unlike the PM’s previous club, White’s, Mark’s lets women in, though warns “Ladies should be elegantly dressed“. Female guests are banned from wearing “Denim, leather or suede, T-shirts, Leggings, Exposed undergarments, Sportswear, Trainers or deck shoes, Casual or cowboy boots”. SamCam should be fine…

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