Paris Climate Summit Blows €151 Million on Luxury Accommodation And Limos


The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, better known as COP 21, is being held in Paris this year.  40,000 delegates are expected to arrive from around the world for the conference in early December, with the French Government estimating the bill to come in at a cool €187 million. Out of that budget €151 million will be spent on transport and renting and furnishing the conference venue, namely the swanky Paris-Le Bourget Airport, a take-off point for the city’s luxury private jets and location of the Paris Air Show. What a perfect location for a climate conference…

Our Gallic readers however will be happy to hear that the French taxpayer won’t have to foot all the bill for such extravagance, with 20% of the funding recently secured from the private sector. That only leaves the taxpayer with a bill of €149,600,000. Absolute bargain…

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