Tory MEP’s “Grande Gourmet”


Tory MEP Nirj Deva is bringing a taste of Europe to Sri Lanka. The lavish “Grande Gourmet at Nirj’s” is Colombo’s finest French restaurant, located in the upmarket Kurunduwatta neighbourhood. Nirj has ambitious plans to “put Sri Lanka on the world map of gourmet cuisine” and earn a Michelin star. The bargain menu includes seared Tasmanian scallops (£6.80), Australian steer tenderloin (£13) and Bacardi flamed black cherry crepes with ice cream (£5,80). Just don’t read the reviews on Trip Advisor:

“It’s a catastrophe…The millefeuille of salmon and spinach was just inedible with frozen salmon cooked too much and too salty… too much garlic in dishes. Help”

Colleagues have yet to request a Brussels-sponsored fact finding mission chez Nirj…

Euro News

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