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Last week Sayeeda Warsi attended the premiere of a new film starring the winner of Arab Pop Idol, Palestinian singer Mohammed Assaf. She praised Assaf for bringing “hope“:


This is Assaf’s latest song, released at the height of the ongoing violence in Israel. The video includes footage of balaclava-clad Palestinians attacking Israelis, and references the locations of the spate of recent stabbings:

The lyrics clearly incite violence against Israelis:

“We are your soliders, full of courage and dignity, if our souls are the price of freedom we will glady pay… They rose to fight the occupiers… be strong, the resistance will win and victory will come… There is no perseverance like yours in Jerusalem and Affoulah, in Nabrus, Hebron and Ramallah… Some were martyred, some were injured, their blood blossomed and our precious blood is still spilling… Salute the determined people who are resisting the occupiers, fight back until you defeat the aggressor”

Warsi follows Assaf on Twitter, where he has posted the video. He also posted this graphic, which praises Palestinian terrorists who stabbed and murdered Israeli civilians as “martyrs“:

Hamas have praised him as an “ambassador for Palestinian art“. Surely Sayeeda didn’t know that this “art” was glorifying violence?

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