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An environmental activist group called “ClientEarth” with ties to Zac Goldsmith, issued a warning in the Guardian last week that they intend to sue the directors of UK businesses who don’t protect investors from climate change:

“We at ClientEarth are closely monitoring the activities of FTSE 250 companies. We will pursue those directors who fail to protect their investors from the challenge that climate change presents.”

Gaia has been trying to question Zac, who was listed on the ClientEarth website as one of its three patrons, about his links to the organisation. But the Mayoral candidate has been scrambling to cover his ClientEarth tracks all week. His patron page on the ClientEarth website was pulled and a member of his team told Gaia “I’m not sure Zac is a patron of ClientEarth?”.

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Even after Zac’s people were informed the above screenshot existed, they still refused to reveal whether Zac is or was a Patron of ClientEarth. They did however issue a statement from him:

“ClientEarth has been effective in numerous campaigns, not least in relation to air quality. However I am not involved in the campaigns and do not speak for the organisation.”

Despite his protestations, Zac’s charity the JMG Foundation is listed as a “supporter” of ClientEarth on its website and a Zac spokesperson has confirmed that “as far as I am aware” the JMG Foundation has funded ClientEarth. What is it about being a patron of an organisation that wants to sue much of the City that embarrasses Zac? 

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