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The Jeremy Corbyn for Leader campaign has rebranded itself as the “People’s Momentum”. It’s a move that emulates the “Obama for America” campaign, when the organisation that mobilised the president’s supporters during his two Presidential bids changed its name to “Organizing for Action”. Momentum plans to organise events, rallies and be the red guards for Corbyn, giving them his official endorsement, saying that Labour “need us to put our values, the people’s values, back into politics. To do this, we need to keep up the momentum we have built over the last four months”. John McDonnell wants the group to “transform our democracy and our way of doing politics. We are part of this wider social movement, running an economy in the interests of all”. Momentum will operate “both inside the Labour party and organise in broader civil society”. Blairites will be thinking of reselection at the “moment.. umm…”

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