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Corbyn has only been leader for two weeks and already he is selling out. These are the left-wing positions he has been forced to abandon already:

EU: Corbyn warned Labour would not give Cameron a “blank cheque” on renegotiation, before abandoning decades of Bennite Euroscepticism to u-turn: “Labour will be campaigning in the referendum for the UK to stay in the European Union… regardless of the outcome of the Government’s renegotiation.”

Trident: “Conference ought to be the place where there is open discussion [on Trident]” said Corbyn on Andrew Marr, before he was forced into a humiliating climbdown as the unions blocked his attempt to force a vote.

Free schools: Corbyn had blasted free schools as “unaccountable“, now his Education spokesman Lucy Powell says Labour would not abolish them.

People’s QE: Corbyn and McDonnell’s flagship economic policy, but has been criticised by his new team of economic advisers and did not appear at all in the Shadow Chancellor’s speech yesterday.

Robin Hood Tax: The BBC reported yesterday morning that: “John McDonnell looks set to use his first Labour conference speech as shadow chancellor to push for a Robin Hood tax”, yet there was no mention of it in his speech at all.

Railways: Corbyn has played up rail nationalisation, but he now says it will only be implemented as franchises expire, so would not come into effect largely until 2030.

Public ownership: Corbyn pledged to bring back Clause IV, yet there was no commitment to nationalisation – other than the flimsy railways policy – in McDonnell’s speech.

Why doesn’t Corbyn just JOIN THE TORIES…

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