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The UK have announced to the UN’s General Assembly in New York that British taxpayers will hand out £5.8 billion to help “the most vulnerable countries protect themselves from the effects of climate change“. According to Amber Rudd, giving away billions will protect our “economic prosperity” and will stop the developing world from being forced to burn coal and oil:

“Climate change is one of the most serious threats we face, not just to the environment, but to our economic prosperity, poverty eradication and global security, hitting developing countries the hardest. To ensure a more secure and prosperous future for us all, the UK is playing its part by helping some of the most vulnerable communities become more resilient to climate change and by supporting the developing world to take the clean energy path to growth and prosperity rather than the high carbon route”.

The government are also spinning that by funnelling the £5.8 billion into the International Climate Fund over the next six years they can protect against changes in the climate that could “lead people to sell their property or migrate.” The 40,000 Brits who die from the cold each year probably won’t be convinced…

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