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Guido readers will be greatly tickled to learn that David Blanchflower (above right), he of the hapless economic forecasts, has been appointed to Corbyn’s new team of economic advisers. Yet derpy David hasn’t always been a fan of Jezza…

Earlier this month, Blanchflower successfully secured an apology from the BBC for saying he supported Corbyn, insisting: “I made clear I wasn’t backing Corbynomics“.

Fed up with people accusing him of backing Jezza, Blanchflower spelled it out in City AM: “I am not a Corbyn supporter and don’t share many of his views“.

He said he was opposed to Corbyn’s flagship economic policy of ‘People’s QE’.

And he even described claims he supports Corbyn as “ridiculous“.

“How much clearer can I be”, moaned Blanchflower when he was accused of being “pro-Corbyn“.

Weeks later Jeremy Corbyn announces his new economics adviser: David Blanchflower. Guido knows David has had trouble predicting the future before, though surely he should have seen this one coming?

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