Breaking Bad: Crystal Meth and the Campaign to Save the Union

breaking bad

A new book, Project Fear“, telling the story of the Better Together organisation’s campaign to keep Scotland in the Union is released today and it contains some corking anecdotes about the backstage chaos. One of the revelations is that they intended to launch an ad campaign themed after the hit show Breaking Bad. The series tells the story of a dying chemistry teacher’s journey from middle aged family man to crystal meth-making drug lord. The above image is a genuine advert they intended to run…

Unsurprisingly, using a TV show about drugs to convince Scots to vote no created divisions in the Better Together team. Some people, desperate to create a viral image, were enthusiastic about the idea, while others were scathing. One politician is understood to have raged upon seeing it, “This is about drugs! Don’t you understand?“.

The final nail in the Breaking Bad coffin came when the campaign bombed in focus groups; people who did understand the reference saw it as a sneering English caricature of a Trainspotting image of Scotland as a haven for drugs. Stay out of my territory…

Click to buy – Project Fear: How an Unlikely Alliance Left a Kingdom United but a Country Divided

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